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Dear Waterford Residents

Greetings from the Waterford II Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors! We want to take this opportunity to alert you to several things concerning our neighborhood. As always, feel free to contact any board member for more information on any of these topics – or attend our monthly Board meeting , which is normally held the second Thursday of every month at the Clubhouse.



The care and maintenance of the neighborhood ponds require a big part of the HOA budget each year. The HOA has spent lots of money trying to keep fish in the ponds and the grounds surrounding the ponds clean. Feeding the ducks and geese creates waste that is unhealthly for the fish and messy and unattractive for people that visit the ponds. While it is understandable that people like to feed the ducks and geese, we ask that they do not do so at the Waterford ponds. Please understand that it is not in the best interest of the neighborhood to continue this practice.


Board Information

The 2015 Homeowners Board has been set. If you are interested in volunteering and helping the Homeowners Association and Board, we’d like to hear from you – please contact a board member, and we will find a way to put your talents to good use.



Solicitors are not allowed in Waterford. You can call the police to report any solicitors. If you see any such people, get their info and contact management, and we will report that company to the authorities. Management phone number: 859-523-9503 or 859-523-9507


Neighborhood Break-ins

Waterford has proven to be a safe and desirable neighborhood in which we live. However, there have been a few reports of break-ins, mainly with vehicles or open garages. It is for this reason, we urge residents to exercise caution by keeping your vehicle doors, entrance doors and garage door secure.


Emerald Ash Borer

As you may have read, the emerald ash borer is attacking ash trees in Lexington, and has been for some time. One Waterford resident has lost 13 trees to the emerald ash borer in recent months. If you have ash trees, please educate yourself concerning what to do to try to protect your trees. Visit www.emeraldashborer.info for more information.


Tree Trimming

Speaking of trees, please remember that you are responsible for trimming the trees on your property so they do not grow over the sidewalk. The tree canopy that extends over the sidewalk must be trimmed so that it is at least 7½ feet above the sidewalk. Fall is the best time to do this. If your trees are not trimmed, Management will trim the trees and send you a bill for the work.


Deed Restrictions

There have been several issues recently with residents putting up fences and other items without the prior approval of our property manager. If you need a copy of the Deed of Restrictions or have questions, please contact Ed Sloan. Remember, you must contact property management for approval to install any of the following:

  • Fences
  • Satellite Dishes
  • Pods/storage units
  • Home improvements or add-ons

Also remember, there are no boats, semi-trucks, recreational vehicles or long-term storage containers allowed in Waterford. Please report any violations you notice to the management. Also, please be aware that notices will be issued and possible action taken if such a violation is found.


Neighborhood Communication

The Waterford Homeowners Association Facebook group is now open for posting by residents. If you haven’t already, please visit our group,  request permission to join, and become a part of the conversation. Ideally, this forum can be used to notify residents about lost pets, social activities, the need for a babysitter, etc.


Clubhouse Security

A sophisticated camera system has been installed for the safety and security of the Waterford clubhouse and pool. Cameras are checked on a daily basis. Remember entering the pool, clubhouse area, or tennis courts after hours is also known as trespassing. The high definition cameras allow to identify trespassers and report them to authorities if necessary.


Tennis Courts

The tennis courts have recently been completely renovated. When the tennis courts suffered from years of neglect, the courts turned into a play area for kids. Now that the courts have been renovated, we are asking that they be used for TENNIS ONLY. The HOA has spent a lot of money to get the courts in better condition. When people etch their names in the newly-sealed surface or hang on the nets or otherwise use the courts for things other than tennis, the lifespan of the courts/nets deteriorates significantly. Please ask your children to stay off the courts unless they intend to play tennis. The Bluegrass Tennis Association has teamed with the Waterford Racquet club to offer group and individual lessons. If you or your children are interested in tennis lessons, you can contact Christ Herring at playtennis@rocketmail.com.


Ed Sloan Managment

Your property manager can be reached @ 859-523-9503 or 859-523-9507.

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