Pool Membership


All Waterford residents in good standing are eligible for pool membership. To obtain a pool membership, please download the Pool Membership Agreement (PDF) and the Waterford COVID-19 Acknowledgement of Risks. Please save both forms to your computer, fill out all information, sign, scan and email the completed application to adkinspm@outlook.com.  You may drop off your application at the Waterford clubhouse, preferably in the mail slot on the door on the right side of the clubhouse. The email address provided on your membership agreement form will be used to keep you updated about pool issues throughout the summer. 

For the 2020 season, we will not be allowed to have any guests at the pool, this includes grandchildren and nannies. All visitors to the pool must all be included on a membership agreement and the acknowledgement of risks form. 

If you have already submitted a 2020 Pool Membership Agreement, please download the Waterford COVID-19 Acknowledgement of Risks and submit this form as well. Your pool membership cannot be issued without this form also being submitted.

Updated June 22, 2020




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