Dues can be paid by mail via check or money order or online via Town Square.  Refer to your recent dues statement for more information.  The 2023 Annual Assessment at $450.00. This assessment is due January 1, 2023 and will incur quarterly late fees if unpaid.

For those paying online (additional fees may apply):
Register on Town Square by following the instructions at https://waterfordlexington.com/townsq/

Once you have registered, please visit the upper righthand corner and select the dropdown located by your name. You will then see an accounts tab in which will take you to the payment options.

For those paying by mailing a check or money order:
The dues statement that was mailed to you includes your payment coupon for 2023. Please ensure your check is in the amount of $450.00
and it is made payable to Waterford II HOA and:

  • Include your coupon with your check
  • Write your account # on your check
  • Mail the check and the coupon to the address on the coupon.
    P O Box 645247
    Cincinnati OH 45264-5247

If you have not received the information in the mail, please contact our property management company.