Special Greenway Meeting August 28

LFUCG representatives will be available to discuss management of the greenway between Emmett Creek and Rose Hurst on August 28th, 6 pm at the clubhouse. All who are interested are invited, and thanks to Dawn Shroyer for her leadership on the issue.

Support the Waverunners!

Want to be a part of our neighborhood swimming team’s success?  Then you can support the Waverunners!  Your support is tax-deductible, and multiple levels of sponsorship are available for the commitment that is right for you.  Learn more about the benefits of Waverunner sponsorship by clicking here.  

March 2017 Board Meeting

The March meeting of the Waterford II Homeowners Association Board of Directors will be Wednesday, March 8, 6 pm at the clubhouse.  Our guests will include Mr. David O’Neill (Lexington-Fayette PVA), who will discuss the upcoming 2017 assessments, and CDP Engineers, who will discuss options on managing our larger pond to make it more of an asset to the neighborhood.

June HOA Board Meeting

The next HOA Board meeting will be Tuesday, June 7th, 6 pm at the clubhouse.  The tentative agenda is published in the “Members Area” tab (registration required; there’s a link to register under the “Members Area” tab).  

March Social Events

Bunco: the best thing from Britain since taste-free food!  A fast-paced game involving skill, strategy, timing and a killer instinct.  Thursday, March 17th, 6:30 pm (30 minutes earlier if you’d like to learn the game), at the clubhouse.  Bring $5 and a shareable snack, and you, too, can be a Buncomeister.

Easter Bunny and Egg Hunt:  Sunday, March 20, 2:00 pm, at the clubhouse.  Always a favorite with the children.  Please note:  the egg hunt will begin at 2:00 sharp (our recommendation is 1:45).  Please, please, please have the youngsters there early enough to begin the hunt on time; none of us wants to see them disappointed. 


March Homeowners Board Meeting

Our March HOA Board meeting will be Wednesday, March 9th, 6 pm at the clubhouse.  As always, all residents are invited and welcome to attend.  If circumstances don’t permit your attendance, feel free to give us input on any issue of concern – it does get discussed.


Upcoming Social Events

Bunco is back:  this coming Thursday, Feb 18th, 6:30 pm, at the clubhouse.  Bring $5 and a shareable snack, and arrive 30 minutes early if you’re a new player and want to learn about the game.

Murder Mystery Dinner:  this coming Friday, Feb 19th, 6:30 pm.  This event sold out quickly, so watch for the next one here and on our Facebook group.


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