Dear Waterford,

As you are aware from our previous communications, the HOA Board began the process of preparing the pool to open for the neighborhood on June 12, 2020, with the target opening date of July 6.  The HOA Board moved on the pool opening when we received guidance from the State on how we would need to operate the pool for recreational use.  Preparing our pool is normally a month long process, and we’ve cut that time down to 3 weeks.  Unfortunately, we’ve uncovered a few issues:

  1. We’re trying to garner agreement with our pool management company, PPM, for their responsibility of the additional cleaning required for operating the pool per the COVID-19 State guidelines.  This is taking much longer than expected, and we are reviewing proposals for other options for the additional cleaning.
  2. As usual, during our pool opening process, we’ve found some maintenance issues, and are addressing them.  We have replaced a vacuum pump, and are addressing an issue with the electrical system.

We are targeting July 6 as the opening date, but this may be delayed due to the issues addressed above. As promised early on in this process, we will be keeping you all updated regularly since it is developing hourly.  We will confirm the opening to you in later communications.

We ask that you submit your Pool membership agreement and the COVID Acknowledgement form if you haven’t already done so.  We need both sets of documentation to allow you to safely use the pool, and we are using contact information from these forms to communicate pool opening information.  These forms are found linked here on our Waterford HOA website.

We appreciate your patience during this challenging time.  Your volunteer HOA Board members are communicating daily to get the pool opened safely for you.