We have seen an uptick in interest from people wanting to help in the neighborhood, so I thought I would take the opportunity to let everyone know about our committees that we are looking for volunteers to lead at this time. Please reach out to me directly via Facebook messenger or email (via the contact the board function) or come to our next board meeting on Oct. 19 to learn more and sign up to help.
Communications (we have a couple of people to lead this initiative, but would love committee members)
  • Monthly newsletter (recent board decisions, upcoming events, reminders and anything new)
  • Collect events list and post on Facebook and town square
  • Draft announcements for annual meeting
  • Post relevant information for announcements on website, town square, facebook and front entrance sign
  • Welcome packet of basic information for new neighbors when they move into the neighborhood
Clubhouse Committee (need a committee chair and members)
  • Create a 3-5 year plan for renovations
  • Submit budget requests during budget season
  • Work with contractors and CMA to get bids for approved projects/renovations
  • Oversee rentals to make sure renters are keeping up with cleaning after each event and report back to CMA
Landscaping Committee (need a committee chair and members)
  • Create plan for any additional landscaping installation (we have a budget)
  • Look at sign options for secondary entrances and islands (river oak etc.)
  • Submit requests for bids and get board approval for projects
Social Committee (need a committee chair and members)
  • Create plan neighborhood events for the year
  • Submit social committee budget for approval
  • assign events to committee members to plan and implement