Greetings Waterford Neighbors,

We, like many of you, are following the daily announcements from local officials to determine how we will be impacted. One of those areas is the regulations that will determine how we are able to enjoy our neighborhood pool this year. The Kentucky Department of Health has mandated our local health department not issue any pool permits at this time and the Waterford swimming pool can not operate without a permit from the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department. The HOA Board and the property manager will continue to monitor the situation, so that if something changes we can make the necessary changes to follow the revised guidelines. We are committed to opening the pool, if we can obtain the proper permitting.

If we are unable to open for the summer, adjustments to our budget plan for next year will be made in November, once we know more about the full impact that the COVID19 situation will have on HOA finances.

Stay safe,
Your HOA Board