Dear Neighbors: 

As of Monday, June 7 the Board started the process of finding a new property management company for our neighborhood. While there is never a convenient time to make a change like this, the Board evaluated the matter carefully and determined it was in the best interests of the neighborhood to begin this search as soon as possible. This process will take some time, but we are excited about the new opportunities and changes to come. The decision was made with careful consideration to ensure our neighborhood is a safe, comfortable, and peaceful place to reside for all families. This neighborhood is highly desired because of our wonderful amenities, the beautiful landscaping, and of course, each of you, the wonderful people that have chosen to call Waterford home. 

As we begin accepting proposals from new property managers, please understand that there will be a transition period from old management to new. In the interim, your Board Members ask for your patience as we venture into some uncharted territory. There may not be a representative on site at the clubhouse daily during this transition. This will be temporary, and we are taking steps to ensure members are able to get the same services in the interim, either through temporary help or Board volunteers. We will move quickly to advertise, receive applications, screen, and vet potential management companies, and review potential contracts. The Board will be transparent in our process for obtaining new management and hope that by the end of summer, we will have new management in place. 

Beginning June 7, our hours of operation at the clubhouse will be Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM. If dues need to be paid, passes made, etc. that will be the only time the clubhouse will be open. There will also be an on-call number for an HOA Board Representative if something arises outside of that time. As always, our Waterford HOA email will be checked daily at and this will remain the best way to communicate with the HOA Board.

Again, thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we begin our transition today. We appreciate your trust in us to keep Waterford the best neighborhood in Lexington. 



Your HOA Board